10 hobbies you should take up this summer


Hobbies are a great fun way to learn a new skill and do more of what you enjoy on a regular basis.

And with summer looking like it’s going to stay for longer, why not take up a hobby to keep you active and creative this season.

Here are some of our ideas! 


1: Yoga

summer hobbies

Yoga is known for their extensive health benefits, including improving flexibility, posture and strength. It’s ideal for people who are suffering from stress, depression, high blood pressure and it also helps with joint movements. Yoga helps to not only relax the body but your mind and wellbeing.

Start off with a few basic yoga poses or even better; why not sign up to your local gym for yoga sessions?

2: Reading

summer hobbies

Refresh your mind with literature this summer. If you’re struggling to find a read to find, just search for ‘best selling books’, to find out what others are reading and what is trending the world of books.

3: Kayaking

summer hobbies

This one is for the more adventurous type. If you love the waters then why not try taking up kayaking. It’s extremely fun to do and great exercise!

4: Photography

summer hobbies

Photography is becoming a very popular trend, especially with social becoming the hub for our lifestyle photos. It’s also a perfect excuse to travel and explore the world around you.

5: Crafts

summer hobbies

If being outdoors is not your thing, then you can take up arts and craft. Art can be anything from painting canvases, pottery, colouring books or even home craft projects.

6: Travel

summer hobbies

One of the best hobbies you can indulge in is travelling. There’s so much of the world to explore and with it, you end up learning a lot about the area and different cultures.

7: Hiking or biking

summer hobbies

Hiking doesn’t necessarily mean you have to climb the UK’s tallest mountain. You can take a day trip to your local hike trial.

8: Knitting

summer hobbies

Knitting is a great pass time experience and plus you could end up with a new item of clothing – (Obviously once you master the technique)

There are many tutorials you can try that are available for free online.

9: Cooking

summer hobbies

Cooking can be anything, from baking delicious cakes or even experimenting with summer recipes and refreshing mocktails.

10: Swimming

summer hobbies

One of the best ways to cool down your body this summer is to take part in regular swimming sessions. Not only does this relax your body, but you are also exercising your muscles and body.

Or you can find your own hobby. Start off with something you enjoy already, then take it to the next level.