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Large lake fountain and homes

September Open Day Join us for our open weekend on the 15th and 16th September. Take this opportunity to visit one of the...

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Park History

  • John Kinch working on lakes and drainage 88
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  • father-and-son,-stuart-and-john-take-5,-drainage-and-lakes-july-89
  • John K preparing Acacia Avenue

The Elms is run by the owners The Kinch Family. Headed up by John and Marion their children Ann, Johnny, Tracey and Stuart all work for the business.  Having moved to Torksey in the late 1970’s John had a vision to turn what was then a holiday caravan park into the award winning residential park for the over 50’s that it is today. With little financial resources behind him John took a job working at a local coal mine to help support his family whilst he and Marion grew the business.  He would go to work for an early shift at 4am, returning home after a hard day’s work to have a meal and then go out onto the park to literally start digging holes and laying infrastructure. All the children played their role in helping out over the holidays and weekends but none more so than Stuart, the youngest child who is now Managing Director.

The Elms provides an unrivalled setting for those reaching a time in their lives when they want a more settled environment to live in. With the homes being affordable, many residents have sold up family homes that no longer meet their needs, leaving them free to buy a home at The Elms and have spare capital with which to enjoy their retirement years.