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Enjoying Retirement Home Living

Bridging The Generation Gap – How Society Has Evolved

Are we having children later in life now as compared to before?

Why are divorce rates at an all time high?

And we how have the norms and values of society changed from the baby boomers to the millenials.

There’s been a huge shift in culture and everyday life from the baby bloomer generation to the millennial generation – this isn’t just an opinion but fact! However, the question is – are these changes necessarily for the good? This article looks at what has changed between the generations and whether our lives are different as a result.

I think we can all agree that whatever circles we engage with, you must have heard the expression ‘times have changed’…. This can be in reference to many situations, but when it comes to comparing and contrasting generation habits – this expression has never been more pertinent. And if you are of the baby boomer generation, you’ve seen society change and shaped differently overtime. So when it comes to everyday life and choices, have we lost our way? Or are we simply becoming smarter in the way we approach life?

Bridging The Generation Gap

With divorce rates at an all time high, and couples choosing to have kids later in life or not even at all, there have been some fundamental shifts in the way we do things now, as compared to years gone by.

The baby bloomer generation commenced in 1946 where there were 3.4 million babies born in that year alone! This trend continued till 1964, but by then, there were almost 77 million ‘baby boomers’ across the USA – and at the time, they made up almost 40% of the population.

There are many theories that exist as to why this baby boom emerged but the overriding feeling was that after the war, people were more optimistic about the future and so looked forward to having and raising children in a more prosperous time.

Baby Bloomers Enjoying Life

If we fast forward the clock to the modern day, the trend is completely the opposite, and couples are more inclined to have children later in life or not even at all! Could this be because we are far less optimistic about the future? And as a result, is this a sign of the times we live in? In the baby bloomer generation, marriage and children were what people aspired to obtain in life. But have our expectations grown? Or are we choosing to break the mould?

Here are some of the major cultural changes that have changed since the baby bloomer era….

Women having kids later in life:   

Latest figures show that the average age for first time mothers is 26 or older. This is much later than the baby bloomer age and really puts into perspective that women are indeed willing to wait for the right moment to have children… but why the wait? Many women state that it is expensive in the modern day to have and raise children. And would prefer to do so once their careers are stable.

In the baby boomer era, women were encouraged to come out of working life in exchange for raising their children and focusing on family life, but this was in a time where the cost of living was lower and it was feasible to live a comfortable life from one income provider.

Divorce rates are much higher in the modern era:

With divorce rates at an all time high, the latest trends suggest that divorce rates have plummeted severely since the 1960s. Again, in the baby boomer era, divorce rates were very low which gives more of an insight into the thought process back then. And there will be many debates as to why divorce rates have increased, but the fact remains that when you talk about a shift in culture and bridging the generation gap, you cant help but talk about why divorce rates are much higher within this generation.

Cost of living is much higher:

As we alluded to before, the cost of living between the two generations has significantly increased, and most likely could be one of the underlying reasons as to why our thinking has changed. With increased pressures of everyday life, people may not have the expendable income they once had. And it makes people think twice about having children.

As society has gone through many changes over the past 50 years, its brought about an air of change that may not necessarily have changed for the worse. Things are moving at a faster pace now and the conventions that existed before are slowly not becoming the norm for people in this day and age. Families, marriage and kids were the desired goal for many people of the baby boomer generation. However, in the modern day, it hasn’t become much of a priority. With divorce rates going through the roof, are we learning from the mistakes of society and avoiding them? Or are we simply losing our way with traditional values? Whatever the answer maybe, things have certainly changed – for better or for worse, you decide!

The Elms is an independent retirement village, for those who seek to live in a retirement community aimed at those of 50 years or older. If you’d like to learn more about The Elms, feel free to request a brochure below –

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Exercises Tips for Over 50s | Making Exercise Fun!

In an age where there seems to be a gym or leisure centre on every corner, keeping fit and healthy seems to be a popular trend amongst society at the moment, especially in the social media age. However, the purpose for maintaining good health and being active has always been important in any time period, especially as we get older. Regular exercise and fitness not only contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing, but can also control the effects medical ailments like blood pressure, cholesterol, stress and much more. However, the thought of exercise can be a daunting prospect for many. The thought of going to a gym can be quite intimidating. However, the secret is to make exercise fun – by doing something that you enjoy and can work up a sweat as a result. Here at The Elms, we’ve put together a list of activities that you can engage in, that doesn’t require a gym membership!


Walking in Lincolnshire

Sounds simple enough but walking remains one of the most effective forms of exercise and is probably the easiest way to ease yourself into exercise in general if its something you haven’t done in a while. Start slow and build it up, especially if its something you potentially struggle with. Walking 5-10 minutes a day is a great way to start. This may be walking around town doing shopping or just generally walking out in pleasant surroundings.


Tai Chi at The Elms

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for both the mind and body. There are many different levels of yoga that you can engage in. But its something which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Have a look below at where to start with Yoga, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before.

Ballroom Dancing

Living The Senior Independent Life

Grab a partner and head onto the dance floor! Any form of dancing is fantastic exercise and fun for all involved. It might be that you used to ballroom dance many years ago, or you may not have done it all, but it’s a really fun form of exercise that you can engage with on a regular basis. It’ll definitely be worth looking into local classes or events in your local area.


Living willow arbour at The Elms

Now here’s something practical and a good way to stay active – gardening! Not only would you be doing something for the appeal of your home, but it’s also a great way of staying active. Gardening maybe something that could hinder a particular ailment. However, even doing things like watering the plants, mowing the lawn or painting the fence help in keeping you active!

Sports Clubs

Croquet Club in Torksey

Sports like Croquet, bowls, and golf are low intensity sports that help to keep you active and channel your focus. Here at The Elms for example, there is a local croquet club that many of our residents are apart of. There is also a local walking club that get together a few times per week.

Exercise doesn’t have to be about pounding the weights and running all day on the treadmill, but more something that we can enjoy and not be intimidated by. This is especially true the more we age, as its vital that we look after ourselves to ensure we maintain our independence. The secret to maintaining a consistent approach to exercise is to find something you enjoy doing…. And keep doing it!

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Family Day Out in Lincolnshire

Looking for a family day out in Lincolnshire? When visiting Lincolnshire, there is much to do in this picturesque and historical location. Here at The Elms, we have compiled the top 6 must visit historical attractions that can be seen within the beautiful city of Lincoln. They vary from historical churches to the best historical restaurants in Lincoln City, but they are something the whole family can enjoy on a day out.


Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral stood for almost 300 years as the tallest building in the world. The cathedral is filled with intricate detail varying from Norman styling in the age of William conqueror, all the way to gothic style detailing. The Cathedral is covered in fine carvings and detailing.

Lincoln Cathedral also benefits from having one of the only original four remaining Magna Carte documents in existence. It is the only one to bear the name of the city.


Lincoln Castle

While visiting Lincoln Cathedral, why not visit the magnificent Lincoln Castle at the same time. Located a short walk from the Cathedral they make the ideal pair of attractions.

Why not take a walk along the medieval wall and get magnificent views over Lincolnshire, then visit the Victorian Prison located within the grounds and immerse yourselves in the life and routine of Victorian prisoners.


Doddington Hall & Gardens

The historical hall and gardens of Doddington offers an experience of family living through the ages. Doddington Hall was built in 1600 and has never been sold.

The estate is currently open to the public, with group tours, private tours and school tours proving to be very popular. Guided tours are also available for those wishing to gain even more in depth knowledge about the property and the surrounding grounds.


Medieval Bishops Palace

Located almost in the shadow of the hugely popular Lincoln Cathedral. The Bishops palace has views over the historical parts of Lincoln city and the countryside surrounding.

The palace was once one of the most important buildings in England. It was the administrative centre of the largest diocese in medieval England. The palace also benefits from the beautiful palace gardens that are ideal to relax in and enjoy some peace and tranquillity.


Jew’s House

The Jews House is located in one of the oldest building in Lincoln. The Jews restaurant offers the finest food served by the friendliest staff, in a relaxing and warming atmosphere.

The Jews house is renowned for its excellent quality food cooked by Chef Gavin Aitkenhead and service, provided by Samantha tonkins and her service team.

Be warned you will need to pre book a table at this extremely popular Lincoln restaurant.


St Mary Magdalene

The St Mary Magdalene church was built in 1317, over what was previously an older church, which was knocked down during the extension of Lincoln Cathedral. The church was also designed with a barrel roof, which has proved to be very popular with visitors and is a great feat of engineering.

The church holds regular services, in which all visitors are welcome. Regular concerts are also held at the venue, throughout the year.

To conclude, here at the Elms we are not one of the top 6 historical sites in Lincoln although we have been around for over 40 years now. Not quite the length of time as some of these magnificent attractions that can be found in nearby Lincoln. But if you want to find out more about us, enquire today or even come and visit us.


Enjoying Retirement Home Living

Is Over 55 Living Tough in The Modern Age?

Are you over 55 and worried about your finances or what the future may hold? A recent study shows that more than 60% of over 55’s worry about their finances and getting through to retirement with very minimal financial worries. And in the modern day, this figure continues to grow. With the cost of living in general going up and life just moving at a much faster rate, this is no surprise….

So what are the solutions?

Here at The Elms, we’ve put together an exclusive retirement park / village, where over 50s can reside and see out their retirement and beyond in dedicated retirement homes. Most of the residents had the notion and vision that they could clear up their finances by selling their home and freeing up equity by moving into a retirement property here at The Elms and enjoy park home living.

So is one possible solution to downgrade the size of your existing home?

Many of our residents have done exactly this, and are now living comfortably within the confines of a retirement village. This is an excellent way to really invest in your future and free up equity.

With house prices at an all time high here in the UK, many people in general are downgrading the size of their home to save money. This is why there has been a boost in sales over the last decade for people choosing to purchase and live in a dedicated retirement village. Here at The Elms, we have over 339 properties that are classified as retirement properties, where people over the age of 50 can purchase a home, just as normal, but here you will be moving into a retirement community – where you will be surrounded by other people over the age of 50. This is by no means a care home, but a village where over 50s can reside. It doesn’t matter whether you’re retired or not, if your over 50, then you meet the requirements to purchase a retirement property here at The Elms.

But what can buying a retirement property achieve?

So whilst you think that life over 55 is quite a daunting prospect, here at The Elms we offer a viable solution for you to free up any equity you have on your existing home, and possibly even live mortgage free!

Just like one of our residents Sally Young –

So with Sally’s story in mind, if you’re concerned with over 55 living, then here at The Elms we can offer a huge way to lift that weight.

Get in touch with us today to see some of our Available Properties. Or click below to request a free brochure.

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The Elms – Far From a Retirement Home!

Ever wondered what Retirement Home Living is all about? Well here at The Elms, we can’t really give you the answer to that! The simple answer as to why is because The Elms is not a retirement home! We are a dedicated retirement village – where over 50s can live independently and purchase a home just like any other. What makes us different is that we have simply set up a retirement village for people over 50 years old – which is far from the traditional retirement home philosophy!

And this is the story of how The Elms has come to be….

Back in the 1970’s, the Kinch Group acquired a portion of land in Lincolnshire with the vision of building homes on this plot to be sold independently. The vision was then refined, with the intent of making this space a dedicated retirement community, where homes are sold to those over 50 years old – not the traditional retirement home living type property, but an actual property that you completely own. And live independently through.

From the 80s to today!

And with this in mind… The Elms was born…

The idea was never to build a retirement home where senior people could simply see out the remaining years of their life. The plan was to build independent homes where those over 50 could purchase the homes and be amongst like-minded people. This is why the Torksey Lock area was chosen as the destination area, as it has easy access to the things that we need within everyday life, and is located in a peaceful Lincolnshire location.

Amazing transformation at the park

And this is why our properties are in such high demand…

At the moment, we are at capacity with our properties in terms of plots. So there is no space now to purchase any plots. However, properties do become readily available and you can also check local property sites to see which of the properties the residents have listed for sale. Click to view our Available Properties.

The Elms through the years

So why do people choose to move to a dedicated retirement area…

So lets confirm, we are not a retirement home and residents here at The Elms do not live the quote ‘retirement home living’ lifestyle.

When our residents moved here, it was with the intention to enjoy the more active years of their life. Not to simply let life slip them by. The concept of a dedicated retired area is not a new one.

However, it is one that is now quickly becoming an option for many people over 50 and retirees in general. As financially, this can be an excellent chance for you to free up some equity and really enjoy these stages of your life.

retirement home living alternative

Curious About Living in a Retirement Home?

So if by now you’ve been brought into the independent way of living and are willing to look beyond the Retirement Home Living mentality, then get in touch with us today.

If you’re curious on what our homes look like, then we can send you a free brochure through the post. Click here to Request a Brochure.

Or Call us on 01427 718 243 if you have any specific questions or queries.

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Enjoying Retirement Home Living

Retirement Loneliness: Are Retirement Villages The Answer to Combat Retirement Isolation?

The thought of Retirement Loneliness can be a very scary but realistic prospect for many. And lets face it; no one wants to live in a care home. But a novel concept that has been in the UK for many years now is gaining much traction. So are Park Homes and Retirement Villages and truly the better alternative to care homes?

Are dedicated Retirement Villages the answer to the retirement loneliness epidemic?

The idea of a dedicated retirement village was brought to the marketplace through the momentum it gained in the USA. And it’s widely becoming a popular choice for many over 50’s here in the UK, as it isn’t necessarily the elderly who can benefit from such places.

Croquet Club in Torksey Tai Chi at The Elms Red Hatters

But lets think about the typical journey that people take to retirement in the first place. Well, having spent most of your life working, it seems as though people often look forward to the day they retire, as this can be the start of that path to freedom you dreamt of. However, many people are further saving their equity by investing in dedicated retirement properties….

But you maybe thinking well how do these dedicated retirement places combat retirement loneliness? Well, its often stated that people suffer from depression as a result of going from working all their lives, to then ultimately having time to yourself, and not knowing what to do with it.

It can be quite sobering when all those around you are getting on with their lives in a world that is rapidly changing and evolving. The good news is however, that you too can make a change for the better. And not even experience what retirement loneliness feels like.

Combating Retirement Loneliness  Living Independently For Seniors John's Woodland Opening

The main thing that people struggle with is trying to find a routine to follow on a daily basis. It’s hard to go from working full time to then retiring and not having the same schedule or even an outline of a plan on a daily basis.

But how can retirement villages combat this?

Well, with a retirement village, you have the convenience of living as you normally would, but you would just be in a community of other people just like yourselves who are also retirees. The benefit of this is that you can instantly form friendships with like-minded people around you, and begin to fill your days with activities alongside your new friends.

10 Birch Grove - Exterior View fountain and gardens Retirees Enjoying Their Independence

Here at The Elms, we have created a fantastic retirement community all situated within rural Lincolnshire. Within our community, there is never a sense of Retirement Loneliness from our residents – as there is always something happening here.

And this is the key; if you find somewhere that takes away the feeling of isolation, then it definitely combats that lonely feeling. If you have kids or grandkids that have been to university away from home, then they too will find it strange at first, but they soon adapt. The same can be said for our residents, who at first are slightly taken back by the change, but they also soon adapt. Its never too late to start a new chapter in your life, and its not too late to combat that lonely feeling after retirement.

Call us today and see how we can help you start a new chapter in your life! Click to view our Available Properties.

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top restaurants in lincolnshire

Top Restaurants in Lincolnshire

Looking for Top Restaurants in Lincolnshire? Well anybody can find a place to eat but here in Lincolnshire, there is a huge difference between finding places to eat and places that give you the most amazing dining experiences! Here at The Elms, we give you the Top 5 Restaurants as recommended by us, when thinking about top restaurants in Lincolnshire.

In no particular order, we start off with…

1.) Ole Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant

If you search for this company on Google, you cannot miss all the fantastic reviews this restaurant has amassed. Providing authentic Spanish food and tapas, the restaurant is located within Lincoln. The restaurant caters for lunchtime and evening/night. It’s open from 12-3pm and then 5pm-10.30pm. And certainly worth a visit!


2.) The Bronze Pig

A fine blend of Italian and British cuisine, this restaurant is far and beyond just a place that serves carvery food. All vegetables and meats are locally sourced. And the emphasis for this restaurant is providing quality of dining, with the ambience as well as the food. And with a plethora of excellent reviews, the restaurant is definitely something to keep in mind when looking for top restaurants in Lincolnshire.


3.) Tito’s Restaurant and Grill

Located in Lincoln, Tito’s provides an eclectic variety of food with an extensive cocktail menu. The menu includes a variety of seafood, steak, chicken and pasta dishes – something for everyone! The restaurant is open Monday – Thursday from 5.30pm till 10pm & Friday – Saturday 5pm till 10.30pm.


4.) La Trattoria Da Vincenzo

Traditional Italian Cuisine at its finest, this restaurant is fast becoming the talk of the town. Formerly a semi detached house, which is now fully converted, the restaurant has an outdoor eating area too. The restaurant is open everyday apart from Sunday. Open from noon to 2.30pm and then 5.30pm till 10pm.


5.) Laguna Verde

If you’re looking for vintage Mediterranean food, then look no further! With excellent reviews and testimonies, it’s no wonder that this restaurant is among the most popular within the city. It’s open from 10am – 10pm on weekends and then 6pm to 10pm Tuesday to Friday. Closed on Monday.


6.) Bunty’s Tearoom

Maybe you’re after a lovely cup of tea and some home made cakes! Well there are plenty of places here for that too, including Bunty’s Tearoom. Open 7 days a week from 10.30am-4pm, the family run tearoom also offers an after hours party facility.

So here at The Elms, we pride ourselves in providing the most valuable information for local residents. So if you happen to come and visit us to view one of our retirement properties for sale, then consider the above choices when searching for top restaurants in Lincolnshire.

Enjoying Retirement Home Living

5 Ways to Enjoy Life After Retirement

If you find yourself wondering what to do with your life after retirement, then you’re not alone. Lets face it, our working lives have shaped our daily lives for many years, and now all of a sudden, you could be thinking well what’s next? But fear not, because the world has not passed you by….

Think about it, you now have time to re-discover old hobbies or uncover new ones! So do not fear about the next chapter of your life, as this one can be the most exciting! Your life after retirement can begin in ernest, and here at The Elms, we’ve given you our top 5 ways to enjoy your life post retirement.

Engaging in Exercise

Now this may sound like a chore or something that you may find unappealing, but the fact is that you don’t have to sprint like Linford Christie to stay in good health. Walking, Swimming or gardening are excellent ways to get your exercise in and can be fun, especially if you and a friend make a routine out of it. But think about a form of exercise that you were either interested in a while back and can pursue now. And there are so many options available – Golf, Walking Football, Bowls and so much more. How about joining your local leisure centre? Check your local community leisure centre for classes that are tailored to you.

Croquet Club in Torksey Tai Chi at The Elms Herbal Walk at The Elms Red Hatters in Lincolnshire

Short Breaks / Holidays

If you have been planning a holiday or a road trip then there’s no time like the present to make that happen! If it’s an annual holiday you always wanted to go on, then there really is no time better than now to start planning it. Or even if you have dreamed of spending a certain amount of time in the year away from home, then again, now it the time to start planning for that. And do not be afraid to venture out as I’m sure there are places you always wanted to visit – well now’s the time to explore!

Rekindling Friendships & Old Relations

If you feel as though you’ve lost contact with many people over the years, then again now is the time to rekindle those relations. And the chances are that people are also in the same mindset as you are and are looking to get back in touch with you too. Over time, we all go through different phases in our lives and we may encounter the misfortune of losing touch with certain people in our lives at the time. And most of the time this isn’t intentional, but you now have the opportunity to reunite with those people. And who knows, they might be the person you need to join certain clubs and community activities with!

Retirement Happiness Conquering the world after retirement Over 50s Playing Golf Some of the Views here at The Elms

Learning Fun New Skills

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you’re too old to learn new skills, then think again! For example you may have thought to yourself that you’ve always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance or take that art class, or even how to play the piano – then now is the time for you to pick up those skills! And there is an age-old adage which states that ‘you only age when stop dreaming’ and we encourage you to keep dreaming and keep learning!

Dedicated Retirement Reservation / Community

If you are looking to downsize your current home or looking for a place where other retirees are, you may be interested to know that there are dedicated retirement villages throughout the UK where you can purchase a retirement home. Now lets be clear, these are not care homes, but these are independent park homes, where you can live amongst other retirees. A common thought that many retirees have is the awful thought of loneliness. Retirement can be a daunting thought for many people and understandably so, but it does not have to be a lonely experience. Here at The Elms Retirement Village, we have many residents who own their homes here that had the same thoughts and insecurities about retirement that you probably have. However, we have built up one of the most renowned retirement communities here in the UK. And there is always something happening to have you feeling far from bored and lonely!

So in conclusion, there are many different ways you can invigorate your life after retirement as outlined above, but the underlying theme here is that you are in complete control. And it is your decision to make on how you invest in your future, and just because you’re now retired does not mean that your future is bleak. Try new things, expand your experiences and awaken some those ambitions you had that may have been hidden.

If the idea of retirement villages sounds like something you would like to explore further, then get in touch with us here at The Elms, on 01427 718 243. Don’t forget to visit our park homes for sale page, to get an idea of some of the properties here at The Elms.  


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Top 6 Places to Visit in Lincolnshire

Being as though we are based here in Lincolnshire, we are obviously going to be biast and say that Lincolnshire is the best place to live in the UK! Quite the bold statement, but there is lots to do here! And here at The Elms, we may be home to one of the finest Retirement Villages here in the UK, but there is so much to see. The question is where do you start? Our residents here at the park come from far and wide but all agree that Lincolnshire has lots to offer. So if you are planning a weekend away here or even looking to move then we have complied a list of top 6 places to visit in Lincolnshire. Obviously there are more, but we will give you our top 6 to start with.

1.) Lincoln Cathedral 

Probably the most infamous place to visit in Lincolnshire, the Cathedral was once the tallest building in the world! Situated at the top of Steep Hill, the cathedral is a must see for anyone visiting Lincolnshire.

The cathedral is edged in stone as one of the most historic buildings in the UK. In the 11th century, William the Conqueror commissioned the building and was eventually completed in 1092. In 1300, it became the tallest building in the world – this lasted until 1549.

Today, the cathedral is the focal point for many visitors, as there is something for everyone to see. Floor tours are available and run throughout the year. Floor tours usually last around an hour, and cover all elements which includes the history and architecture as it relates to the cathedral.

To find out more about prices and opening times click here to find out…

2.) Doddington Hall & Gardens  

Another historical period building with stunning features and gardens to view and visit… The Doddington Hall building itself has been in existence since 1600 and has never been sold since! A visit to Doddington offers a vast insight into family life through the ages. And also gives an insight into the challenges of looking after such an estate in the 21st century.

Today, the Halls and Garden are very much open to the public, with group bookings for private tours and school visits being very common. Exclusive guided tours are also available. There is also much more to do here. To find out more, visit the website.

3.) Steephill  

Steep Hill is the most visited street in the UK! And the name says it all. We challenge you to visit the street and experience the steepness for yourself! The street itself is home to many shops and stores – which are widely popular. Again, there is an element of history steeped within the street! (No pun intended), as its almost walking back in time, but with a modern eclectic of shops, stores and places to eat. To find out more about the shops available on the street, click here:

4.) Museum of Lincolnshire Life  

Pretty self-explanatory this one, and is free to enter! The museum of Lincolnshire life is a historical collection of Lincoln life from 1750 to the present day.  The Museum of Lincolnshire Life offers a wide range of services including exhibitions in a community gallery, group quiz sessions and an education program linked to the National Curriculum. (Cite:

5.) The Collection Museum

The Collection Museum is Lincolnshire’s premier Art and Archeology museum. Operated by Lincolnshire County Council, the museum also works in conjunction with the City of Lincoln Council, Arts Council England and various other institutions to add a stamp of quality and assurance. And again, this Museum is free to enter. Click here to find out more about the Museum.

6.) Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Something slightly further out but still within the boundaries of Lincolnshire, the Natureland has something to offer the entire family. Based within Skegness, the Sanctuary was initially a place of rescue for baby seals where they would be treated and cared for and then eventually returned to their natural environment. However, the home is now home to Penguins, Meerkats, Tropical Birds, Sea Life Exhibit and much more. Click to see more about what’s on offer at Natureland –

So these are our top 6 places to visit in Lincolnshire, but there are a whole host of others. And obviously when it comes to the top retirement villages in the area, look no further than The Elms! If you’re in the market for Park Homes in Lincolnshire, then get in touch with us.

Luxury Park Home Prices

Park Homes Prices UK

If you are doing research on park homes prices in the UK, then the chances are that you are looking to enhance your life post retirement. And why not! Because a wonderful world awaits you and one that you will fall very comfortably in love with – and we can quite confidently make this statement as over the last 40 years, this is what we have done for our residents!

Here at The Elms, our prices are amongst the most affordable in the UK, but we do not compromise on the quality and luxurious feel of our homes. Since our early days in the 1970s, our retirement park has gone through many changes. The main change has been the natural evolution of our park and retirement homes. We have always refined our style with the input of the residents over the years and through keeping up with the times. Take a look at some of our available properties, to get a feel for the prices involved.

Affordable & Stunning Park Homes – Prices Below

A Diverse Price Range Tailored For You

As can be seen, our park homes start at £65,000 and head up towards £145,000. But what makes them incredibly unique is that each property is completely different, with its own features and benefits. So if you are doing your research into park homes prices UK, then take a closer look at The Elms Retirement Village. And over the past 40 years, we have attracted residents from far and wide! So if you are concerned about moving or about the retirement park in general then read what some of our residents have to say here.

Why Our Prices Are Different To The Traditional Property Market

A lot can be made of the current property market here in the UK. With many people saying that house prices are at an all time high and its more difficult than its ever been to purchase a home whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned one. And when it comes to purchasing a home in your post-retirement years, you want to make the process as simple and stress free as you can. This is why our park homes prices are amongst the most affordable in the UK. And the one thing we pride ourselves on is the quality of the homes that we have created. The community in itself that we have built is priceless! But add our high quality homes to the mix and you have a recipe for success. In and amongst this, we also have made the whole buying and moving process easier for you, as if you are struggling to sell your property, we have a part exchange scheme in place for you. Click here to learn more about our Part Exchange Scheme.

Get Ready For The Next Stage of Your Life….

We have a variety of retirement properties for sale, and welcome any questions or queries you may have. The value we offer on our properties is incredible and we are proud to be an award winning retirement park. Call us on 01427 718 243 to get more info about our park homes prices UK, or any questions you may have about The Elms in general.

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