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Our Retirement Village

We’re proud to announce we’ve been awarded the Silver Accolade!

As some of you are aware, The Elms Retirement Part participates in the annual David Bellamy Award Scheme, which is all about protecting and enhancing our wildlife and environment.

We are very proud to announce that for the 2017/18 period we have been awarded the Silver accolade!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our residents and people in the community that have supported us throughout the year, and making The Elms Retirement Park a really enjoyable and beautiful place to be in.

David Bellamy Letter Silver Award 2017


Stephen Smart

Stephen Smart – Putting life into words!

My name is Steve Smart and I moved to The Elms in May 2014 from Croydon.

I originally lived in Warwickshire for 20 years, working in the Civil Service before leaving financial security to train at one of the leading drama schools of its time in Birmingham and then moving to London in 1981 to find work as a professional actor.

Fast forward 33 years, I finally decided to leave the capital, retiring with my partner Sharon to rural Lincolnshire and The Elms in May 2014 for a more leisurely pace of life.

I’ve had a varied theatrical career, after training at the Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art, my first professional paid role (while still at college) was appearing in The Importance of Being Ernest at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre which earned me £5 a performance.

It took me a year to obtain my British Actors Equity Card and I’ve proudly renewed my membership continuously since 1982 until finally retiring in 2016.

Over the years I’ve particularly enjoyed Shakespeare and have been lucky enough to perform both in London and America as well as a memorable tour across Norway (with all its beautiful stunning scenery which is a must visit location) with a production of Macbeth. West End musical credits included playing Che in Evita at The Prince Edward Theatre and Jean de Metz in Jeanne, the story of Joan of Arc at the Sadlers Wells Theatre.

Steve Smart Pantomime

For a time I was involved with the Water Rats Dinner Theatre, appearing in Godspell and Give My Regards to Broadway, before co-founding Bandwagon Productions which went on to produce 6 further musical reviews at the famous London venue.

Steve Smart pantomime

From the late 80’s I got involved in my first pantomime and was hooked, over the years I’ve performed, written, produced and directed pantomimes and from 2000 for the next 16 years appeared as Pantomime Dame every Christmas at theatres around the UK, working with names such as: Nigel Pivaro (Terry Duckworth – Coronation Street) Mike Grady and Sarah Thomas (Barry & Glenda – Last of the Summer Wine) Jack Douglas (Carry on Films) Anne Charleston (Madge – Neighbours) Anna Karen (Olive – On the Buses) Jane Asher (she of the cakes fame) Colin Baker (Dr Who) Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee in his last show before his untimely death, but perhaps the most famous of all those I’ve worked with would be Sooty (Sooty & Sweep)

Steve Smart Pantomime

Away from the acting, I’ve supported Everton FC for over 50 years and in 2010 fulfilled a lifelong ambition, playing in the blue of Everton at Goodison Park, hitting the post with a 22 yard left-footer from the edge of box with my first kick of the game, though I only managed to get near the ball 4 more times.

These days my real passion which occupies a lot of my time is tennis, whether it’s a social session or playing for one of David Lloyds more competitive mixed or men’s doubles teams.

winter fitness

Top tips for keeping fit and healthy this winter!

Did you know, Winter is the unhealthiest season of the year?

During these months, we tend to prefer staying indoors, hibernating in our favourite blankets in front of a burning fire. We’re also more likely to seek comfort from calorie-dense foods.

The idea of replacing your morning jog with an extra hours sleep can be very tempting during this time of year, but don’t let the winter blues bring you down.

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to stay fit and healthy during the colder seasons, and don’t worry… Not all of these tips require you to leave your home.

Get energised!


During the winter months, we notice our energy levels start to drop as we are not exercising as normal, so it’s important to continue staying active.

Moderate exercising can help to strengthen your immune system, thus reducing the risk of any colds or coughs. It can also help you feel more energetic, making it easier getting out of your bed on cold and dull mornings.

NHS LiveWell has put together 10-minute workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Eat well

healthy eating

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet throughout the year, regardless of what season we are in.

Of course, there is no harm in the odd indulging treat every now and then but you should fill your diet with healthy fruit and seasonal vegetables. Filled with chunks of vegetables and meat, winter stews and casseroles are perfect for the colder weathers. 

Also try switching cold breakfasts to comforting porridge, which is also a healthy alternative to keep you going during the day.

Check out these simple winter recipes you can try this month!

Keep warm


If you’re starting a new exercise regime, it’s important to not overdo it.

Ensure to start off with a quick warm up before each exercise to prepare your muscles. This can include a brisk walk or a jog, just to get our muscles ready for action!

It’s best to start off with a 10-minute workout, then gradually build up the time once you begin to feel more comfortable.

If you do decide to brave the cold and take your exercising outdoors, then be sure to wrap up warm with multiple layers to keep the heat in.

Have fun!

Most importantly, choose an activity you enjoy. There are many different activities you can do from workouts; yoga or swimming, so there’s bound to be something you can try.

Now give it a go and battle your winter blues this year!

Steve Vaughan reunion at Koeigsluteer am Germany

Read all about Steve’s life experiences!

Hi ! I’m Steve Vaughan and I live over on Poplar Drive. I’ve been here for just over three and a half years now, and am very much enjoying life here with you lot. I have been told to write this – so with all humility ……………….

I was born and raised in Hampshire, in a little railway town called Eastleigh, near Southampton. My Dad raised the four of us on his own, in a small terrace house opposite the fire station. Leaving the County Secondary School at fifteen, I signed on for early entry into the Army, it was that or the railway.

I became a young soldier at the Army Apprentices College Harrogate in September 1970. It took them just fourteen weeks to make me lose three stone and gain three inches in height, turning me into the hunk I still am today.

Training to be a Radio Telegraphist, I did very well at the morse, ( had a Dan Dare Radio Station when I was 10 ! it had the morse on it ), so was selected along with some others for different training in the second year, for that of a Special Telegraphist. This is a bloke, who takes high-speed morse onto an (in those days), typewriter.

An intercept operator if you will, locate and utilise enemy frequencies, identify and locate their units, inform higher echelons of their doings!

From Harrogate, it was to Woodhouse Eaves, 224 Signal Squadron, a little camp just outside of Loughborough, where they made us go even higher with the speeds and also earn how to analyse what we had taken. For readers in the know, our test speeds were 23 – 25 – 23 wpm.

Except for a two-year period in the eighties where I became a temporary civilian, I spent the next twenty-seven years in many parts of the world, a lot of it is beautiful, isolated, woodland, practicing my trade.

Expanding my skills with Russian voice procedure, German voice procedure, Serbo-Croat, and Non-Voice procedures. (printers etc.). Radio direction finding, (D.F.) Radio finger printing (R.F.P.) and a few other odds and ends that all helped with what we were doing. By now and until the end of my service I was called an “Operator Electronic Warfare”, (amongst other things).

They standardised everyone with new titles but that’s the one we kept. Sounds better than “Telecommunications Operator Linguist” (ToOL). Sigh. Will I be dragged off and shot for telling you these things? No, I have consulted those who know, and I am now apparently so old, everything I know has been written about so many times, we are now all classed as dinosaurs from the cold war, it’s all old hat.

Steve Vaughan playing christmas carols with niece

Also, when at school, two other passions were ignited, one was music by trumpet, and the other music by singing. Trumpet wise, I continued into Harrogate, becoming the solo trumpet of the college band. Then, after many years in the cold, only playing the Last Post at Remembrance ceremonies, and the odd tune in our “Soap Box” nights, I finally got to serve near a band I could play in and became the third cornet for the RAF Waddington band, and the Mareham Le Fen Silver Victory Band, later to become their Eb bass player for some years. Bill the regular moved somewhere else !!!

Making the move to slide from valves for a change and because there was no one else for the seat, means I am now the lead trombone in the Lincolnshire Hospitals Brass Band, which not only starred in this year’s fantastic charity day at the White Swan but is making a return appearance next year, September folks, take note !

The other thing was the singing, loved it, me first serious choir was the Mulheim an der Ruhr Police Choir. A huge German male voice choir, who between beers turned out superb performances. In Germany, these choirs were once as prolific as the Welsh pit choirs were at one time. Then the Horncastle Choral Society, The Gainsborough Choral Society, The Spa Singers (Woodhall), and finally, The City of Lincoln Male Voice Choir.

Who knows, maybe in the future we might start something up here at the Elms? ???? I left the Army in 1997, and have been a lorry and coach driver since. (Cab happy and love it), My present part time, and probably “Twilight” job is that of a runway sweeper. In my little sweeper lorry, early every morning at RAF Barkston Heath, by RAF Cranwell.

Steve V reunion at Koeigsluteer am Germany

I go to many reunions, where I meet up with old comrades, and drink lots of beer, (under protest ), at one reunion, they make me sing “Rule Britannia” in front of a couple of hundred Germans, they join in, more to drown me out than with any gusto for the song.

I sorted through a great many park home parks before I found the Elms, and am damn glad to say I wasn’t wrong. I’ve met and made so many good friends and neighbours here, and am part of a genuinely caring community. Gold dust! The lovely ladies in reception are more like family members than workers, and the lads working around the park always find time for a cheery wave. I like it here.

Thanks for reading, mines a Carling xxx ???? (fewer calories than a Black Sheep, but half as tasty)

Cheers, Happy Retirement!

Steve Vaughan



Why Autumn is the best season of the year!

It’s that time of the year again when the trees begin to shed their weight and we find ourselves spending more time with our fireplaces at home. Not forgetting the obvious reminders from supermarkets displaying festive delicacies such as pumpkins lattes and caramel apples.

But what is it about this season that creates a warm inviting atmosphere that we all love.

We’ve listed some of our favourite moments; see if you agree with any!

Bye, bye summer… Hello, autumn!

The autumnal weather allows us to take a break from the humid summer months, as it greets us with a refreshing cool breeze towards the end of the day.
Autumn is also much calmer than other seasons, not too cold, not too hot – just perfect. Bear in mind, it can get rather chilly in the evenings, so if you’re planning on going for a walk, make sure you wrap up warm!

Seasonal colours

It’s safe to say there is something truly amazing about watching autumnal leaves as they fall gently to the grounds.
And as you go out for your daily walk to enjoy the crisp air and leaves crunching under your feet, you’ll also notice the leaves changing colours to beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow.

Pumkins galore!


If you’re a pumpkin fan then this is your season. There’s so much you can do with them, from baking sweet pumpkin pies, or if you prefer savory then you’ll love some creamy pumpkin and lentil soup. They’re also perfect for carving your jack o lantern in time for the annual Halloween party.
Top tip:
To keep your pumpkin fresher for longer, wrap it up really tight with plastic wrap and keep it in a very cool place, preferably a refrigerator.

Trick or treat?

Autumn is full of around the world holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween. Halloween is a great chance to enjoy time with the family by dressing up for themed parties and events, or you can stay at home and enjoy the cheesy marathon Halloween movies. There’s so much to do – the possibilities are endless!

See what events are on this Halloween in Lincolnshire.


Halloween Ghost Bus Tour of Lincoln
Prepare to be spooked on Halloween weekend, by taking an adventure into a haunted Lincoln open-top bus tour, complete with a local ghost expert.

Date: 28th October 2017 to 29th October 2017
Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: Lincoln

More information here

Halloween at Cogglesford
Visit the 18th Century watermill in Sleaford to join in with the ghostly fun and activities!

Date: 31st October 2017
Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Location: Sleaford

More information here

Victorian Night of Fear 

Enjoy a night of fear in the Victorian underworld this Halloween at Lincoln Castle.

Date: 31st October 2017
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Location: Lincoln

More information here

explore the world

Activate your retirement chapter by exploring the world’s most iconic destinations!

The best thing about being retired is that you no longer need to plan around your work timetable or worrying if your annual leave will get approved or not

And not forgetting the dreaded, going back to the office day, where you’re greeted with an inbox overflowing with mundane emails.

For the last 40-50 years you have worked hard and tried to provide the best for your friends and family, but now it’s your time to kick back and enjoy a more relaxed life.

Traveling after retirement is most definitely one of the best chapters that you can introduce to your life. Retirement doesn’t mean you have to spend your time confined in your home, although the occasional cozy evenings in front of the warm fireplace are exceptions.

Planning for life post-retirement is important, as it gives you time to realise what retirement really has to offer. See it as a beginning of a new life and opportunity to explore and do things that you wouldn’t be able to do before this special time.

And guess what… There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored!

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, solitude or crowds, budget or extravagance, there’s a perfect trip out there for everyone.


1: Fancy an adventure?

Where: South Africa
Wave goodbye to the 9-5 life and get ready for an epic African adventure! South Africa is one of the continents best safari destinations, where you can explore the vibrant city of Cape Town and get a chance to meet the big 5 (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino).

So if you’re up for a spot of adventure then South Africa is the place to be.

2: Ultimate relaxation

holiday resport

Where: Caribbean
Caribbean holidays are perfect for you to unwind and relax. There are so many paradise islands to choose from that have the worlds most beautiful beaches and resorts. Many of these resorts will offer luxury spa treatments and fitness retreats to invigorate your body.

You can enjoy the constant warmth of the sun whilst you’re being pampered on the sun-kissed beaches. This holiday would definitely help you unravel and de-stress as you adapt to the laid-back island life.

3: Step back in time


Where: China
If you fancy discovering different cultures and learning about the history and traditions of foreign lands then China would be a great place to start.

Explore the wonders of China by visiting the capital city of Beijing, where you can explore the famous Forbidden City and if you’re really up for the walk, then embark onto the iconic Great Wall of China.

4: Stay-cation

lakes district

Where: England
Of course, you don’t have to go abroad to have a good time. You can choose to travel a bit closer to home and explore what Britain has to offer. The English coast offers a fun holiday for the family or you can enjoy the amazing scenery and outdoor adventures in the Lakes district.

There are so many places to choose from, the choice is yours.

Simple tweaks to your diet could add years to your life!

Forget the anti-ageing creams or weight loss pills, your answer to looking better is very simple! All you need to do is make a few lifestyle changes to make sure you feel and look healthy.

Research over the years has shown that subtle lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of developing killer conditions that are affecting more and more people every day. Whilst juggling our busy lifestyle, family and friends, we often forget the importance of a healthy diet.

In fact, it’s pretty simple to take control of your health and know exactly what you’re putting into your body and the impact it’s creating.

Whether it’s cutting out the greasy takeaway or adding more greens to your plate, there’s always something we all can do to make ourselves healthier. As the saying goes – every little helps!

Here are some simple diet tweaks you can make to help you look and feel more powerful!

Go Green – Swap ordinary tea for green tea

Greet tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, that’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which have a positive effect on the body.

It’s also thought the antioxidants found in green tea may have a role in helping the body burn more calories, as it helps speeds up the metabolism. So it’s a great option to go for if you are trying to lose weight.

Green tea does come with a bitter and herbal flavour, so if that’s ‘not your cup of tea’ then why not try it with a dollop of honey for added flavour and sweetness?


Happy-go-nutty! – Eat more nuts and seeds

nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are great snacking treats if you are not allergic to nuts of course. They also make up an important part of a healthy diet as they help to reach your recommended intake of protein each day.

A diet rich in nuts and seeds can help reduce the levels of inflammation in your body. Here are some top nuts and seeds.

Almond: Rich in calcium like milk and contains magnesium, vitamin E and lots of fibre
Walnuts: Very good for maintaining a healthy heart and brain
Pecans: Contains lots of vitamins and minerals like folic acid, zinc, potassium and it also helps reduce cholesterol levels
Flax seeds: Contains lots of fibre and antioxidants and can be easily added to oatmeal or smoothies
Pumpkin Seeds: These are great for your immune system!


Get your ACE superpowers! 

Vitamins in your diet

Vitamins A C and E are the anti-ageing superheroes! Choosing foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals is the best way to give your body what it needs to stay healthy and well-nourished.

Avoid taking supplements and get your vitamin fix from different foods instead.

Vitamin A: Carrots, peppers, butternut squash, mango, cantaloupe, broccoli, spinach
Vitamin C: Kiwi fruit, oranges, raspberries, strawberries and peppers
Vitamin E: Nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables.


Keep calm and eat fish! 

Fish diet

The human body can’t naturally produce omega-3s, but they’re still important and needed for a healthy body inside and out.

Fish is the world’s best source of omega-3 fatty acids and it’s loaded with vital nutrients such as protein and vitamin D.

Plus you can get plumper looking skin by eating more oily fish such as mackerel and salmon. The fats in oily fish are required for healthy cell membrane, which acts as a guard and helps cells hold onto moisture in the body. 

Hello Fruit and Veg, long time no see

Fruit and Veg

It’s important to eat fruits and vegetables regularly each day as it’s a simple way to improve your nutrition and to add those natural vitamins and minerals to your body.

Your overall health can be improved by eating a diet filled with plenty of fruits and vegetables. They can also help to keep your weight under control as they are filling but low in calories.

Plus there are so many ways you can add fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet.

Have an orange with your breakfast, a delicious broccoli salad for lunch, steamed asparagus with dinner and finish off with a fruit salad for dessert!


The choice is yours…

Remember, your body is a temple. So you must cut out anything in your diet that is silently causing destruction to your body.

By following these simple lifestyle changes, not only are you improving your health, you will also feel a lot happier knowing you are fuelling your body with the correct nutrients it deserves.

Enjoying Retirement Home Living

Bridging The Generation Gap – How Society Has Evolved

Are we having children later in life now as compared to before?

Why are divorce rates at an all time high?

And we how have the norms and values of society changed from the baby boomers to the millenials.

There’s been a huge shift in culture and everyday life from the baby bloomer generation to the millennial generation – this isn’t just an opinion but fact! However, the question is – are these changes necessarily for the good? This article looks at what has changed between the generations and whether our lives are different as a result.

I think we can all agree that whatever circles we engage with, you must have heard the expression ‘times have changed’…. This can be in reference to many situations, but when it comes to comparing and contrasting generation habits – this expression has never been more pertinent. And if you are of the baby boomer generation, you’ve seen society change and shaped differently overtime. So when it comes to everyday life and choices, have we lost our way? Or are we simply becoming smarter in the way we approach life?

Bridging The Generation Gap

With divorce rates at an all time high, and couples choosing to have kids later in life or not even at all, there have been some fundamental shifts in the way we do things now, as compared to years gone by.

The baby bloomer generation commenced in 1946 where there were 3.4 million babies born in that year alone! This trend continued till 1964, but by then, there were almost 77 million ‘baby boomers’ across the USA – and at the time, they made up almost 40% of the population.

There are many theories that exist as to why this baby boom emerged but the overriding feeling was that after the war, people were more optimistic about the future and so looked forward to having and raising children in a more prosperous time.

Baby Bloomers Enjoying Life

If we fast forward the clock to the modern day, the trend is completely the opposite, and couples are more inclined to have children later in life or not even at all! Could this be because we are far less optimistic about the future? And as a result, is this a sign of the times we live in? In the baby bloomer generation, marriage and children were what people aspired to obtain in life. But have our expectations grown? Or are we choosing to break the mould?

Here are some of the major cultural changes that have changed since the baby bloomer era….

Women having kids later in life:   

Latest figures show that the average age for first time mothers is 26 or older. This is much later than the baby bloomer age and really puts into perspective that women are indeed willing to wait for the right moment to have children… but why the wait? Many women state that it is expensive in the modern day to have and raise children. And would prefer to do so once their careers are stable.

In the baby boomer era, women were encouraged to come out of working life in exchange for raising their children and focusing on family life, but this was in a time where the cost of living was lower and it was feasible to live a comfortable life from one income provider.

Divorce rates are much higher in the modern era:

With divorce rates at an all time high, the latest trends suggest that divorce rates have plummeted severely since the 1960s. Again, in the baby boomer era, divorce rates were very low which gives more of an insight into the thought process back then. And there will be many debates as to why divorce rates have increased, but the fact remains that when you talk about a shift in culture and bridging the generation gap, you cant help but talk about why divorce rates are much higher within this generation.

Cost of living is much higher:

As we alluded to before, the cost of living between the two generations has significantly increased, and most likely could be one of the underlying reasons as to why our thinking has changed. With increased pressures of everyday life, people may not have the expendable income they once had. And it makes people think twice about having children.

As society has gone through many changes over the past 50 years, its brought about an air of change that may not necessarily have changed for the worse. Things are moving at a faster pace now and the conventions that existed before are slowly not becoming the norm for people in this day and age. Families, marriage and kids were the desired goal for many people of the baby boomer generation. However, in the modern day, it hasn’t become much of a priority. With divorce rates going through the roof, are we learning from the mistakes of society and avoiding them? Or are we simply losing our way with traditional values? Whatever the answer maybe, things have certainly changed – for better or for worse, you decide!

The Elms is an independent retirement village, for those who seek to live in a retirement community aimed at those of 50 years or older. If you’d like to learn more about The Elms, feel free to request a brochure below –

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Exercises Tips for Over 50s | Making Exercise Fun!

In an age where there seems to be a gym or leisure centre on every corner, keeping fit and healthy seems to be a popular trend amongst society at the moment, especially in the social media age. However, the purpose for maintaining good health and being active has always been important in any time period, especially as we get older. Regular exercise and fitness not only contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing, but can also control the effects medical ailments like blood pressure, cholesterol, stress and much more. However, the thought of exercise can be a daunting prospect for many. The thought of going to a gym can be quite intimidating. However, the secret is to make exercise fun – by doing something that you enjoy and can work up a sweat as a result. Here at The Elms, we’ve put together a list of activities that you can engage in, that doesn’t require a gym membership!


Walking in Lincolnshire

Sounds simple enough but walking remains one of the most effective forms of exercise and is probably the easiest way to ease yourself into exercise in general if its something you haven’t done in a while. Start slow and build it up, especially if its something you potentially struggle with. Walking 5-10 minutes a day is a great way to start. This may be walking around town doing shopping or just generally walking out in pleasant surroundings.


Tai Chi at The Elms

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for both the mind and body. There are many different levels of yoga that you can engage in. But its something which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Have a look below at where to start with Yoga, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before.

Ballroom Dancing

Living The Senior Independent Life

Grab a partner and head onto the dance floor! Any form of dancing is fantastic exercise and fun for all involved. It might be that you used to ballroom dance many years ago, or you may not have done it all, but it’s a really fun form of exercise that you can engage with on a regular basis. It’ll definitely be worth looking into local classes or events in your local area.


Living willow arbour at The Elms

Now here’s something practical and a good way to stay active – gardening! Not only would you be doing something for the appeal of your home, but it’s also a great way of staying active. Gardening maybe something that could hinder a particular ailment. However, even doing things like watering the plants, mowing the lawn or painting the fence help in keeping you active!

Sports Clubs

Croquet Club in Torksey

Sports like Croquet, bowls, and golf are low intensity sports that help to keep you active and channel your focus. Here at The Elms for example, there is a local croquet club that many of our residents are apart of. There is also a local walking club that get together a few times per week.

Exercise doesn’t have to be about pounding the weights and running all day on the treadmill, but more something that we can enjoy and not be intimidated by. This is especially true the more we age, as its vital that we look after ourselves to ensure we maintain our independence. The secret to maintaining a consistent approach to exercise is to find something you enjoy doing…. And keep doing it!

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Family Day Out in Lincolnshire

Looking for a family day out in Lincolnshire? When visiting Lincolnshire, there is much to do in this picturesque and historical location. Here at The Elms, we have compiled the top 6 must visit historical attractions that can be seen within the beautiful city of Lincoln. They vary from historical churches to the best historical restaurants in Lincoln City, but they are something the whole family can enjoy on a day out.


Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral stood for almost 300 years as the tallest building in the world. The cathedral is filled with intricate detail varying from Norman styling in the age of William conqueror, all the way to gothic style detailing. The Cathedral is covered in fine carvings and detailing.

Lincoln Cathedral also benefits from having one of the only original four remaining Magna Carte documents in existence. It is the only one to bear the name of the city.


Lincoln Castle

While visiting Lincoln Cathedral, why not visit the magnificent Lincoln Castle at the same time. Located a short walk from the Cathedral they make the ideal pair of attractions.

Why not take a walk along the medieval wall and get magnificent views over Lincolnshire, then visit the Victorian Prison located within the grounds and immerse yourselves in the life and routine of Victorian prisoners.


Doddington Hall & Gardens

The historical hall and gardens of Doddington offers an experience of family living through the ages. Doddington Hall was built in 1600 and has never been sold.

The estate is currently open to the public, with group tours, private tours and school tours proving to be very popular. Guided tours are also available for those wishing to gain even more in depth knowledge about the property and the surrounding grounds.


Medieval Bishops Palace

Located almost in the shadow of the hugely popular Lincoln Cathedral. The Bishops palace has views over the historical parts of Lincoln city and the countryside surrounding.

The palace was once one of the most important buildings in England. It was the administrative centre of the largest diocese in medieval England. The palace also benefits from the beautiful palace gardens that are ideal to relax in and enjoy some peace and tranquillity.


Jew’s House

The Jews House is located in one of the oldest building in Lincoln. The Jews restaurant offers the finest food served by the friendliest staff, in a relaxing and warming atmosphere.

The Jews house is renowned for its excellent quality food cooked by Chef Gavin Aitkenhead and service, provided by Samantha tonkins and her service team.

Be warned you will need to pre book a table at this extremely popular Lincoln restaurant.


St Mary Magdalene

The St Mary Magdalene church was built in 1317, over what was previously an older church, which was knocked down during the extension of Lincoln Cathedral. The church was also designed with a barrel roof, which has proved to be very popular with visitors and is a great feat of engineering.

The church holds regular services, in which all visitors are welcome. Regular concerts are also held at the venue, throughout the year.

To conclude, here at the Elms we are not one of the top 6 historical sites in Lincoln although we have been around for over 40 years now. Not quite the length of time as some of these magnificent attractions that can be found in nearby Lincoln. But if you want to find out more about us, enquire today or even come and visit us.