How to re-charge your happiness levels in 2018!


You’ll be surprised to know a lot of time and research has gone into understanding what makes us humans happy and how it affects our bodies and minds. And in fact, scientific research proves that people who are happy live longer and live a much healthier life.

We experience an array of emotional highs and lows throughout our lives whether it’s a job promotion, wedding day, losing a loved one or with the birth of a child. But these are only temporary feelings and experts believe they alone are not enough to achieve true happiness in our lives.

There are many different routes you can take to boost your happiness levels in your daily lifestyle. Some of which are so simple, you’d wish you had done sooner!

Get a pet!


Research shows spending time with a pet, can be a great way to release stress and beat loneliness. And if you don’t have the space to own a pet, there are many places where you can ‘borrow’ a pet by linking with local pet owners, allowing you to take them out for walks and look after them over the weekends or when the owners are away on holiday.

Check out these Pet Borrowing websites: Pawshake, Borrowmydoggy

Retail Therapy

retail therapy

We’ve all heard of retail therapy, but did you know studies have actually proven that by looking at objects that are beautiful and functional can make a person feel excited and happy.

Of course, you don’t have to always go on a spending spree if you are feeling low, or else you will end up with financial problems instead! It’s worth considering setting aside some ‘me time’ funds, so you can spend on what makes you happy from time to time. Be it buying a book, a spa day or even a fresh haircut.

Join a group

book club

Being part of a group that share the same interest and hobbies as you is a great way to feel happier within yourself. Studies have shown that people who surround themselves with happy people are more likely to be happy themselves.
So whether it’s a sporting activity, book group or sewing class; belonging to a group that connects to you can help you help boost your happiness levels. Plus it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Ultimately, true happiness lies within and in your general attitude to life. Having a clear and relaxed state of mind will naturally increase your happiness levels.