John Viney shares his best self-defence technique!

John viney instructor

My name is John Viney, my wife Chris and I moved to The Elms in September 2012 after seeing The Elms on an episode of Homes Under the Hammer.

John Viney
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I started martial arts in 1969, whilst serving in the Royal Navy, doing Karate (I was 20 ish). At this time, it was difficult because of the travelling around the seven seas to train regular, with a club. So, I did the best I could when away, going back to the Dojo (Training Hall) as often as I could.

On leaving the Navy, I started doing Shotokan Karate in Birmingham, gaining my Shodan (1st Dan black belt) in 1986.  Due to work commitments and moving around a lot my Karate took a back seat for a while, but I always trained when I had the chance.

On retiring I was able to train a lot more and gained my Nidan (2nd Dan). I also became very interested in Tai Chi and started training with Master David Allerton whilst in Cyprus. On returning to the U.K. my wife, Chris and I moved to The Elms in Torksey, where I found a Dojo five minutes away. I also travelled to North Allerton to train with master David.

John viney and student

I now instruct Tai Chi at DW sport and fitness gym Gainsborough on a Monday and Thursday morning for members. It has proven to be very popular with 12 to 18 students turning up each class.

Now 68, I am not as fast as I was but I am wiser, best form of defence? RUN!!!!!

I don’t know how I had time to go to work ???

John viney instructor

John Viney