What is Park Home Living?

Couple Living The Park Home Life

Ever wondered what park home living is like? If so, then it’s possible that you are looking for advancement in your current living situation. Whatever your current situation maybe – whether you’re looking to downsize your current property or move to somewhere quiet and peaceful, then a park home property could very well be the change you are looking for.

Whatever your motivation may be to seek a park home, there’s a lot to consider. Many residents have often described Retirement Villages as a permanent holiday. Park home living is often the lifestyle that many over 50’s are seeking and we have compiled the 6 most important things for you to considering Park Homes.

1.) Location – 

Location is a very important factor to consider when seeking out a retirement village. You will want to find somewhere that is close to local amenities. Most retirement villages are located within areas that are close by to the local facilities, but just be sure to check the location of the village before to make sure it has easy access to the local shops etc.

View of the beautiful River Trent Canal Mooring is a prime feature at The Elms  Beautiful shot of the canal at night The Elms Fountain & Gardens

2.) Price –

Buying a retirement property can be a great way of saving money! Depending on the size, location and facilities available, a retirement property can cost as little as £65,000 – giving you the opportunity to further enjoy your retirement and splash out on that annual holiday or cruise you’ve always wanted to book!

3.) Activities – 

When thinking about Park Home living, generally people’s perception is that way of life is boring and purposeless. But this is further from the truth. Many retirement villages have dedicated events and activities running throughout the day, where you have the chance to meet like-minded people and build relationships. This again is another reason why residents often describe retirement villages as holiday homes, because of the choice of activities to participate in.

Croquet Fun in Torksey Practising Tai Chi  Red Hatters Event at The Elms A couple enjoying park home living Herbal Walk Fun at The Park Finding Stillness Workshop

4.) Background of the Retirement Village – 

It’s often wise to look into the history of the retirement village you are interested in. Generally, there is always a fascinating story behind retirement villages, especially if family owned. Family owned retirement places generally have a historic lineage and a sense of pride as they have either lived there or currently do – giving the place a family and homely feeling.

5.) Testimonies – 

If you have a retirement village in mind that you want to explore further, then a great way to get a true insider perspective on the place is to read as many testimonies from the residents as possible. This is a great way to read the journey that people have taken to get where they are and don’t forget, these residents also had the same thoughts and reservations that you have, so reading their testimonies is a great way of getting to understand the exciting journey that lies ahead for you.

6.) Part Exchange schemes – 

If you are concerned that you won’t be able to sell your property fast enough to take up one that you have seen in a retirement village, then again research the initiatives that the village can offer you. Retirement Villages like The Elms for example offer a Part Exchange scheme where they will organise for your home to be part exchanged with one within The Elms. Not many organisations offer this kind of incentive, but this is available at The Elms.

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