Park residents rise to bake-off charity challenge

Residents of a Torksey residential park caused a major stir this week when they brought out their mixing bowls for a charity bake-off and summer celebration.

The cake contestants were all residents of The Elms retirement park, and the challenge raised almost £700.00 for a cancer care charity based in Torksey.

The task was to produce a perfect plateful of mouthwatering cup cakes, and the judges included three representatives of the Ethan Maull Foundation, the charity concerned.

Also on the panel was Carolyn Scott of Camy Cakes, a local celebration cakes company.

Named after a 10-year-old Lincolnshire boy who died recently from a rare form of bone cancer, the charity is run by Ethan Maull’s parents who live in Torksey.

They hope to buy a house close to Nottingham children’s hospital where the parents of other young sufferers can stay during prolonged periods of treatment, easing the strain and financial burden.

The all-afternoon event included a selection of stalls where the refreshments on offer ranged from Pimms to pots of tea!

After careful deliberation, and much testing, the judges declared Elms resident Anne Warburton, aged 68, to be the overall winner, with her fellow-residents Pat Taylor and Linda Dyson as runner-ups.

Tracey Coulson, a member of the park-owning family, said the day had been an outstanding success:

“We are very much a community here, and everyone enjoys coming together on occasions such as this, especially when there is an element of fundraising, ” said Tracey.

“The cake-making skills on show were really outstanding, and it was a hard choice for the judges to pick the champion – but Anne’s efforts were irresistible!” she added.