Residents go on safari for nature’s remedies

Herbal Walk at The Elms

Due to the success of the last Herbal Walk we did here at The Elms, we recently held another with the help of local herbalist Debbie Lincoln.

Residents of The Elms were taken on a herbal safari to discover and sample natural plant remedies growing in our 60-acre grounds. Their forage uncovered a host of indigenous plants with medicinal properties, including nettles, cleavers, meadowsweet, valerian, willow and silver birch.

Debbie, who is an established herbal practitioner based in Lincoln, outlined to safari members the wide range of ailments which can be treated naturally. They range from arthritis and poor digestion to skin complaints and colds. Residents were encouraged by Debbie to smell and touch the plants, and to sample those it was safe to taste.

Tracey, who helped organise the safari, said it was an outstanding success:

“It was a truly eye-opening experience to discover just what was growing all around us. There is great interest in plants which can help prevent and treat day-to-day ailments, and which help us to look after ourselves naturally as people have for centuries. The safari is also a relaxing opportunity to connect more closely with the countryside, and to learn more about all the fantastic flora in this part of Lincolnshire. We are very careful to avoid harmful pesticides and chemicals in our grounds, and I think that has helped create the conditions where these sorts of plants can proliferate. We suspect that this safari will now become an annual fixture in our calendar of social events arranged for and by residents,”

To learn more about Debbie Lincoln’s herbalist practice, visit her website