Top tips for keeping fit and healthy this winter!

winter fitness

Did you know, Winter is the unhealthiest season of the year?

During these months, we tend to prefer staying indoors, hibernating in our favourite blankets in front of a burning fire. We’re also more likely to seek comfort from calorie-dense foods.

The idea of replacing your morning jog with an extra hours sleep can be very tempting during this time of year, but don’t let the winter blues bring you down.

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to stay fit and healthy during the colder seasons, and don’t worry… Not all of these tips require you to leave your home.

Get energised!


During the winter months, we notice our energy levels start to drop as we are not exercising as normal, so it’s important to continue staying active.

Moderate exercising can help to strengthen your immune system, thus reducing the risk of any colds or coughs. It can also help you feel more energetic, making it easier getting out of your bed on cold and dull mornings.

NHS LiveWell has put together 10-minute workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Eat well

healthy eating

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet throughout the year, regardless of what season we are in.

Of course, there is no harm in the odd indulging treat every now and then but you should fill your diet with healthy fruit and seasonal vegetables. Filled with chunks of vegetables and meat, winter stews and casseroles are perfect for the colder weathers. 

Also try switching cold breakfasts to comforting porridge, which is also a healthy alternative to keep you going during the day.

Check out these simple winter recipes you can try this month!

Keep warm


If you’re starting a new exercise regime, it’s important to not overdo it.

Ensure to start off with a quick warm up before each exercise to prepare your muscles. This can include a brisk walk or a jog, just to get our muscles ready for action!

It’s best to start off with a 10-minute workout, then gradually build up the time once you begin to feel more comfortable.

If you do decide to brave the cold and take your exercising outdoors, then be sure to wrap up warm with multiple layers to keep the heat in.

Have fun!

Most importantly, choose an activity you enjoy. There are many different activities you can do from workouts; yoga or swimming, so there’s bound to be something you can try.

Now give it a go and battle your winter blues this year!